Sustainable and Preferable Procurement Policy

Ockers Company is committed to being a socially responsible organization. We strive to provide our products and services in a manner consistent with the sustainable use of resources. In order to accomplish this, we work to ensure that we as well as our suppliers and contractors are operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Most of our manufacturers and distributors have their own sustainability policy process in place.

We source locally, when possible, to support the local economy and reduce transportation costs and harmful emissions. Ockers promotes sustainable procurement through environmental certifications, recycling programs, energy conservation, respecting human rights, compliance with hazardous materials initiatives, and waste reduction efforts.


The Company supports and encourages recycling of eligible materials. The Company recycles various metals, packaging and office paper, and we encourage our suppliers to recycle as well. We are committed to using recycled-content products where doing so makes environmental and economic sense. Most of our packaging supplies come from recycled materials.


The Company is responsible for reducing energy consumption through various means and requests its suppliers to take similar measures. One such method Ockers has done is by replacing outdated, inefficient lighting with current LED fixtures.

Waste Reduction:

Ockers is committed to reducing waste through electronic means. Electronic purchase requisitions are utilized internally, and purchase orders are sent to our suppliers electronically. We request that all suppliers submit invoices electronically to our accounts payable department. Payments are made to our suppliers via ACH processing. Many other internal processes have been converted to electronic versus paper-based, and we are regularly looking for additional ways to reduce paper consumption. We ask our suppliers to not only help us reduce our paper consumption, but to identify ways to reduce paper throughout the supply chain.