Ockers Sustainability Policy

Ockers is committed to promoting sustainability and being a responsible corporate partner by giving consideration to people and the planet in all that we do; our goal is to integrate sustainability into all of our decision making. To meet this end, we ensure that all employees remain fully aware of our Corporate Sustainability Policy and commit to implementing and improving these policies. We employ various measures to review, annually report, and work to continuously improve our sustainability performance.

Environmental Policy

Ockers is committed to being environmentally responsible, through the products we offer and in how we operate as a company. Ockers, at a minimum, complies with all relevant local, state and federal environmental regulations. Our goal is to implement business practices that prevent pollution, incorporate life-cycle thinking into the design, use, and the end-of-life management of our products, and work towards the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Our environmental policy and related goals will continue to be clearly communicated to our employees, suppliers and customers. Ockers has removed all florescent lighting and replaced all lighting in our warehouse to Led that are on motion sensors to improve electrical efficiencies. All office lighting switches have been replaced with motion sensors. We are currently in negotiations with a solar panel installer for our 33,000 sq. ft. warehouse. We have a goal of having 70% of our fleet converted to electric or hybrid by 2025.

Solid Waste Management

Ockers has implemented a 100% Recycling Diversion goal for all of its waste from our operations. Ockers goal is to minimize waste through efficiency measures, promotion of recycling, and employ the use of products with recycled content which will help to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. We have continuously worked to meet this end by setting objectives and targets for our waste streams and implement efforts that will, over time divert all waste from our operations from being sent to the landfill. Ockers has partnered with EOMS Recycling to recycles all electronics, cardboard, paper and plastic. We recycle 100%o of our shipping pallets.