OutSide Plant Fiber

At Ockers, our mission is to continue expanding the array of services that we provide to help our clients keep up with the latest advances in technology. We typically offer our services directly to the client to install cabling services in New England. However, we can also contract our services out to larger companies who need fiber optic cabling services as part of a larger project. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can help you to achieve your goals with regard to OutSide Plant (OSP) Fiber installations for high-quality telecommunication services.

There is no limit to the type of fiber cabling installation that we can provide, including aboveground and underground installations, depending on your needs. The term "OutSide Plant (OSP) Fiber" refers to all of the physical fiber optic cabling services and the supporting infrastructure, which includes towers, poles, cabinets, and conduits. It also includes any hardware that is located between the switching facility and the switching point. Ockers works with each client to determine their unique needs for each project.

Aerial Installation

A fiber cabling installation that is physically located on the ground or far up above the ground is considered to be an aboveground installation. This can be in pole-mounted equipment, cabinets, pedestals, and other equipment locations. At Ockers, our bucket trucks and other heavy-duty equipment can be used to assist with any type of aboveground installation of OutSide Plant (OSP) Fiber, just about anywhere our services are needed.

Underground Installation

The installation of fiber optic cabling services and equipment underground includes installations in structures that are under the ground, including utility holes, ducts, and controlled environment vaults. Our technicians have all of the knowledge, experience, and equipment required to provide quality underground installation in just about any type of situation for OutSide Plant (OSP) Fiber.

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