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Ockers proudly serves a diverse customer base including educational and government markets; major corporations and small to medium-sized businesses within a wide-spectrum of industries. We have become their IT provider of choice due to our proven abilities and time-tested experiences in providing secure, cost-effective solutions that improve performance efficiency at a lower operating cost. As value-added “Technology for Tomorrow” resellers we offer…

  • Customized IT solutions from our worldwide group of Best-in-Class product partners
  • Complete consulting, sales, installation and support services from certified technicians
  • Additional technology product services including audio-visual, security & communications

Regardless of your organization’s market or industry, the Ockers Company has the technological expertise, product solutions and verifiable track record you’re looking for in an IT reseller. As your IT solutions partner, 24/7/365 assistance is also assured from our two Service Center locations.

Education K-12

As MA State Contract ITC73 providers since the mid-1980s, Ockers is committed to doing its part in helping K-12 school districts create the best learning environment possible for success with their students.

We not only understand the importance of properly equipping classrooms and teachers with technology-based learning tools, but also the economic challenge administrators face given diminishing school budget funding. How does Ockers contribute to the future of our K-12 students? We help by providing maximum-value learning solutions and support services to school systems across the Commonwealth at a more affordable cost.

Ockers’ extensive experience serving educators includes both Information Technology operational issues as well as classroom learning systems. To learn more about the many ways we can make a difference in accomplishing your goals, please contact one of our educational specialists. Meanwhile, here are a few learning products and IT services we routinely provide to K-12 school systems within Massachusetts and New England regional states.

  • Audio Visual equipment can be purchased on MA State Contract OFF50
  • Computer system assessment, hardware, software, installation and support
  • Classroom/mobile/administrative desktop, notebook imaging & deployment
  • Infrastructure virtualization and data center disaster recovery & planning
  • Network Wireless/WiFi new installation & upgrades by certified technicians
  • Digital signage; VoIP phones & communication; security integration systems
  • Professional Development Teacher Credit Training

Higher Education

Public and private institutions of higher learning throughout New England confidently turn to us for their IT solution planning, design and implementation needs on a variety of applications. Whether protecting a data center serving multiple campuses, virtualizing IT infrastructure that yields efficiency savings or expanding wireless network access, Ockers is their solution provider.

Besides improving the performance of IT resources, Ockers specializes in furnishing colleges and universities with an all-inclusive selection of advanced-technology learning systems and audio visual equipment. Our learning solution expertise; certified installation and ongoing support services bring much-appreciated benefits to value-minded procurement officers seeking the highest long-term return for their investment. From Interactive displays to campus digital signage systems, Ockers helps create the 21st Century learning experience.

State & Local Government

There is no better example of the economy’s negative influence on society than its impact on state and local government’s ability to maintain services with ever-limiting sources of income. At Ockers, we understand how imperative it is for financially-struggling town, city and state budget administrators to make sure they are receiving maximum IT value for every dollar spent.

Under multiple MA State Contracts, we help them succeed by providing the most advanced IT product solutions and technical support services available enabling governments to perform better and more efficiently at lower cost. Ockers’ extensive experience improving local and state government IT operations at various departmental levels and functions includes the following areas of technical services:

  • Infrastructure Virtualization
  • Hardware & Software Upgrades
  • Data Center & Network Protection


Developing Information Technology solutions for the healthcare industry is among Ockers’ primary areas of specialized expertise. Whether your healthcare organization’s IT needs require updated technology to support the expansion of medical services, facilities and staff or help in optimizing system efficiency and data safety, Ockers is your single-source solution provider. Our extensive experience addressing the special needs of the healthcare industry encompass a broad spectrum of medical environments. Ockers can also assist you with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and HIPPA compliance issues.

  • Hospitals & Clinics (Community, Regional Group, Private & State)
  • Physician Practices of all types, sizes and specialties
  • Rehabilitation Facilities & Treatment Centers
  • Specialized Medical Testing Units & Laboratories
  • Nursing Homes, Homecare Agencies, Hospices
  • Medical Billing Service & Equipment/Supplies Support Firms

HealthCare IT Solutions

Whatever your operations and applications needs, Ockers delivers customized advanced-technology solutions that greatly improve IT system security, performance and efficiency. We accomplish your objectives by leveraging our healthcare related IT proficiencies with cost-effective, state-of-the-art products designed to produce outstanding results.

For example, our ability to virtualize your infrastructure into cloud technology provides numerous advantages by seamlessly consolidating and integrating IT applications into one very efficient solution… thus eliminating the cost of maintaining multiple platforms. Other potential operational benefits healthcare organizations and professionals can realized with Ockers’ IT solutions include:

  • Improved patient file access and information uniformity between doctors and staff
  • Enhanced administrative functions such as medical records organization & retrieval
  • Empowering clinicians with real-time access to medical data locally and nationally
  • Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) interfacing multiple healthcare applications
  • Better management of patient care, insurance & other administrative workloads
  • Offsite & Cloud data, files & applications storage; full disaster recovery protection
  • Custom designed, healthcare-specific software solutions that save time and money


Given their operational structure, diverse needs and technical complexities, corporations truly exemplify customers who totally benefit from Ockers’ comprehensive IT products and services. Over the years, we have demonstrated an ability to not only provide enterprise-level corporations with advanced technology solutions that meet current requirements, but also anticipate their future needs with cutting-edge recommendations that helped them stay ahead of competition.

Critical to our mission in helping corporate customers succeed internationally is developing IT solutions that bring added-value in terms of performance improvements and efficiency savings. That might involve reassessing network strategies, exploring the advantages of data center virtualization, or creating your own cloud computing platform. In addition to advanced-technology IT products, installation and support services, Ockers can design a 21st Century conference room, or an entire AV learning center, allowing staff to communicate more effectively worldwide at less cost.

Small & Medium Businesses (SMB)

Operating with the best Information Technology equipment, solutions and support is an absolute necessity for small and medium-sized businesses in today’s ultra-competitive environment. At Ockers, we help small-medium New England businesses like yours take advantage of hardware, software and system solutions that improve performance, increase efficiency and drive growth. Whether expanding an IT network, integrating applications or innovatively solving a technical problem, Ockers offers a complete suite of affordable technology solutions fully scalable to your needs.

Managed IT Services

Because smaller firms and independent business owners can find it a challenge deploying, maintaining and protecting their IT system, Ockers’ Managed IT Services provide an ideal and welcomed strategic option. Our programs combine a host of invaluable services that not only improve network efficiency, enhance system performance and safeguard data, but also keep IT costs predictable. Custom-developed to cost-effectively accommodate the unique operational needs and budget of your company, available service options typically consist of…

  • Server Backup & Network Monitoring
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam & Firewall Protection
  • Performance Tuning of Desktops & Servers
  • Network Audit Summary Reports
  • Technical Phone Support
  • Temporary Special Project Staffing
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Onsite Service
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Avoid the product complexities and installation time delays associated with multiple vendors by partnering with the Ockers Company. From IT system hardware, software and infrastructure solutions to Audio Visual conferencing and VoIP phone communications, you’ll enjoy unmatched technical expertise, responsive service plus the cost benefits savings of a single-source supplier.

To learn more about the wide-range of specialty solutions we provide small and medium-sized businesses, please contact us at your earliest convenience for a complimentary consultation.