Managed Services

In early 2020, we acquired Automation Concepts, a rapidly growing managed services provider. The acquisition of Automation Concepts enables our company to broaden its Managed Services offering to include Help Desk and Fully Managed IT Services with Cybersecurity for small to medium-sized businesses, K-12 Organizations and Cities and Town Government.

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About Managed Services

In keeping with our commitment to offer a comprehensive selection of services to our clients, Ockers also provides managed services in New England that include remote monitoring services and remediation services, as well as backup and disaster recovery solutions.

These are important services for many different types of clients across just about every industry in the world.

Most of today's businesses rely heavily on computer networks, so having quality managed services should be provided as a standard business solution.

Remote Monitoring & Remediation
Remote monitoring services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to protect your entire network, computer systems, and business applications. Our monitoring program alerts staff to a developing situation before it can negatively impact your data. In most situations, before you even notice there's a problem, our staff will already be working on it to get it all under control. Make sure to ask about preventive measures as well through our managed IT solutions and other quality services.

Hardware as a service (HAAS)
Great for small to midsize businesses to stay current on Technology without having a large capital outlay to replace aging computers. Know what your monthly buget is while refreshing your hardware every three years.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
To reduce your risk of data loss through security breaches, attacks or human error, we highly recommend that you take advantage of our backup and disaster recovery services as part of your overall managed services in New England. It is important to have a backup for your business network to retain data in the event of an attack or due to equipment failure. Disaster recovery is something that every business should have so they can recover all of their data and get back to work as quickly as possible following an outage.

Backup and disaster recovery should be a part of a larger approach to remote monitoring services and remediation services. Speak with one of our representatives to create a custom solution that you can use to protect your essential data.

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