Managed IT Services

Ockers’ managed IT services encompass an extensive menu of performance monitoring, situation avoidance and technology maintenance measures. Managed services programs are custom tailored to the unique operational needs of a customer’s IT system. Furthermore, our recommendations incorporate cost-effective productivity improvements designed to not only address current, but also anticipated usage applications. As always, you maintain definitive control and access over software, hardware and applications.

Companies utilizing our managed services not only ensure themselves of business continuity protection, but also keep their IT managers focused on their main responsibilities devoid of time-consuming distractions.

Network Monitoring and Remote Remediation

Ockers ProCare IT Support Services provide our customers with the support required to meet their specific needs. This IT Support Services Guide provides the details for each of our support.
Ockers ProCare program combines a comprehensive suite of managed IT data and voice services and a single point of ownership methodology with the expertise and resources of an organization that has over 20 years of experience meeting the IT challenges of local.

Ockers ProCare IT Support is delivered through our ProCare Center that includes a cross section of internal service departments, all working together to ensure your complete satisfaction. By leveraging OCKERS’s automated systems & support tools, proven processes, remote resources, field resources, and management, the ProCare Center brings together all of the services proposed here into one truly seamless and efficient support solution.

Ockers ProCare Support Program provides Customer with:

  • Improved IT performance and end-user satisfaction – Ockers ProCare solution will help maximize system performance, stability, and security as well as improve response and resolution time for issues that arise. Ockers ProCare Services uses leading support technologies and experienced resources to provide you with best-in-class support.
  • Single price that controls IT costs – Ockers ProCare IT Support Program provides Customer with a comprehensive service plan at One Price — a fixed, budget-able fee — that reduces your overall costs of IT. Our Single price approach takes the unpredictable expenses out of traditional support that includes the direct cost of hiring, supporting, and training an in-house staff as well as unpredictable hourly expenses from support billed on a time and materials basis. In addition, reduces other costs due to lack of productivity, and mis-configuration of systems. Our proactive Single price approach to system health and support ensures that Ockers ProCare is working to keep you systems up and running, and your costs of support down.
  • Our Ockers ProCare Technical Account Manager can provide you with the following Summary Reports to detect Alerts, Abnormal Trends and help you with recommendations.


  • Site Device
  • Server Health
  • Network Services
  • Windows Security
  • Windows Licensing
  • Workstation Health
  • Software Inventory
  • Hardware Inventory

Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam/Anti-Malware & Firewall Protection

Threats of attack on IT data and resources take many creative forms and require safeguards and continuous vigilance to prevent costly breaches in security. The Ockers Company minimizes such potential risks by installing and managing an effective combination of protective solutions including Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Spyware and Firewall systems. Additionally, our User Management services are particularly helpful at deterring security threats from unauthorized staff, former employees and business intelligence hackers.

Technical Phone Support

Beyond scheduled maintenance visits, our fully-staffed support team is available to assist your IT organization should the need arise. Since most issues don’t require onsite service calls, we save you productivity downtime and additional expense by resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

24/7/365 Emergency Onsite Service

Occasionally, even the most reliably designed IT components necessitate immediate emergency service. Here is where Ockers’ reputation for extraordinary and responsive service really makes a difference when deciding on an IT service provider. For example… we’ve been known to detect and remediate critical performance issues on a weekend via preauthorized key entry access without the customer knowing a situation ever existed.