Disaster Recovery Services

Data, files and application loss disasters do occur occasionally due to a myriad of reasons including corrupt hard drives, server failures, accidental deletions and natural catastrophes. Ockers protects your valuable data from major permanent loss and lengthy downtime with preventive IT strategies and recovery solutions customized to your specific needs and budget.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

Advance planning is the determining factor for data recovery success in the event of a disaster. Such preemptive “smart planning” involves extensive review and analysis of your IT resources, infrastructure and business continuity requirements… today and projecting into the future.

Ockers’ disaster recovery and business continuity planning process creates a document that addresses all topics, issues and contingencies specifically relevant to your IT operational needs. It provides invaluable guidance and protocol to help your organization recover from a disaster with minimal interruption, inconvenience and stress. Below are a few of the several areas covered during the BC and DR planning process.

  • Database & IT Resources Risk Assessment
  • Disaster prevention methods & policies
  • Data collection & restoration procedures
  • Offsite server backup & recovery solutions
  • Email Archiving of electronic communications
  • BC/DR Plan review, testing & maintenance

For complete and detailed information, contact Ockers for a complimentary disaster recovery assessment and initial planning consultation.

Ockers Vault Offsite Storage

Data represents the core asset of any enterprise, organization or agency. Accordingly, protecting valuable data in a usable, safe and secure environment that is easily retrievable is of the utmost importance. Ockers has successfully met that challenge with the development of our Vault Offsite Storage service.

Ockers’ offsite storage solution provides concern-free automatic backups custom-adapted and application-enhanced for the ultimate in data protection. Built-in safeguards verify backup integrity and proactively protect your data should a power loss occur or if corruption is detected due to faulty hardware. Financially affordable, Ockers Vault Offsite Storage offers reliable data security, complete management control and immediate recovery access at less cost than customary in-house backup solutions.

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