Data Center Virtualization

In today’s data center environment there is a compelling need to integrate information from numerous, unrelated sources into a more cohesive, single-data access layer that improves overall functionality, efficiency and security. Data Center Virtualization intelligently achieves such performance goals by simplifying infrastructure operations and optimizing system agility.

Benefits of Virtualization

A virtualization platform provides several advantages over the traditional single-operation, single-application setup by allowing a virtual machine to share resources of one computer across application, server and network platforms at a lower cost. Ockers transforms the performance capabilities of data center virtualization into operating improvements and resource efficiency savings with the use of VMware/vSphere software and others. Expected savings from simplifying your IT infrastructure include:

  • Server consolidation by scaling applications onto a virtualized server
  • Improved resources utilization rates that help minimize added expense
  • Hardware acquisition cost savings from doing more with less equipment
  • Lower Energy costs (operational & cooling power consumption savings)
  • Improved infrastructure data storage & system applications security
  • Reduction of planned and unexpected downtime

Data Deduplication

Daily server backup is the cornerstone preventive measure of data protection. However, there is a difference between protecting essential data versus accumulating redundant data that reduces storage capacity. Ockers’ data deduplication hardware and software solutions cost-effectively streamline local and remote backups; replication and disaster recovery activities by eliminating redundant files from your system. Our turnkey disk-based data reduction appliances install easily into workflow environments; provide verifiable backup integrity and are simple to manage.

Data Security & Recovery

When new capability needs arise or potential threats demand rethinking of your IT system’s infrastructure, Ockers has the technology and partner resources to create an optimal solution.

We custom design “next-generation” framework solutions utilizing the premier virtualization software products from such companies as VMware/Vsphere, Citrix, Microsoft® and others.

Our certified specialists are highly-experienced in the assessment, design and application of performance improvement features that best fit your IT system. The main ROI advantages from leveraging the capabilities of a virtualization investment include:

  • Cost-effective Business Continuity backup protection
  • Virtualization management efficiency savings
  • Automated Disaster Recovery

Let an Ockers infrastructure consultant review your system requirements and introduce you to the powerful benefits of creating a flexible data center virtualization platform.