AV Technicians

• Basic understanding of audio/video terminology and commonly used components
• Fundamental understanding of audio/video signal flow and routing
• Basic understanding of Projector and Classroom Audio Basics and proper install techniques
• Basic understanding of required tools and proper use of them for specific tasks
• Fundamental understanding of proper cable needs for specific applications and tasks
• Fundamental understanding of termination methods and procedures for all audio connections
• Ability to read and interpret line drawings and location diagrams
• Ability to communicate timely updates to the office daily for efficient work flow
• Inspect all rooms at completion of work for cleanliness for the entire team
• Inspect all work at the end of a job to ensure scope of work has been followed and all functions of the audio or video system have been tested to spec
• Basic understanding of networking and how it relates to the AV industry
• Troubleshoot A/V equipment when there are technical questions or problems related to A/V equipment and identifying appropriate solutions.
• Provide basic training on the operation of A/V equipment to customers as necessary.
• Ability to create as-built plans and document properly completed tasks on a project***Traveling daily is mandatory. References are required.

E-mail your resume to AKoukol@ockers.com to apply.