Security Integration

Ockers’ Security Integration Services assimilate all aspects of your security needs into a distinct, all-inclusive and unified solution. Over the years, and in partnership with our leading-edge security product manufacturers, we have earned an outstanding reputation for protecting people, assets and facilities. Ockers’ security design engineers, software specialists and support technicians are always current on the latest technology and incorporate real-world experience into every project.

Access Control

From basic keypads and magnetic stripe locking devices to advanced software operated systems over LAN, WAN and IP networks, Ockers provides total access control and monitoring. Our custom access control systems offer flexible user entrance rights that restrict accessibility to rooms, areas and facilities by day, time and security credentials. Such credentials may include access smart cards and badges; key fobs and biometric identification via retinal scan or fingerprint recognition that can integrate with video surveillance systems.

Video Surveillance

Ockers video surveillance solutions offer a variety of customized Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and IP network options for monitoring and recording activities at multiple facility locations. We deploy state-of-the-art technology cameras that record high-quality images in most lighting and weather conditions. Whether installing fixed or pan-tilt-zoom cameras, design features are matched and tested to each location’s situation for best coverage surveillance performance.

Our digital video monitoring systems provide secure password-protected network access to live and recorded video operations. Recording, storing and preserving video footage is managed by sophisticated digital video recorders (DVRs) designed to meet your firm’s surveillance activities and retention requirements. To eliminate unnecessary filming, Ockers’ alarm-activated video surveillance systems begin recording only when a security breach signal appears.