Promethean Interactive Whiteboards

The Ockers Company is New England’s premier reseller of Promethean Interactive Whiteboards and Whole Class Learning Solution software products. As the result of the explosion in visual learning and training, Promethean Interactive Whiteboards are among the 21st century’s top communication improvements most sought after by educators and executives alike.

Promethean Features & Benefits

  • Feature-loaded state-of-the-art interactive technology combines color, motion and interactivity with integrated sound and intuitive, dual-user multi-touch functionality.
  • Empowers teachers to provide more effective instruction simultaneously to a wide-range of students by engaging the entire class with ready-made and custom learning solutions.
  • Transforms the classroom or training facility into a productive and highly- integrated learning environment that promotes information retention and student participation.
  • Access to timesaving digital resources including interactive tools, rich content designs that transform learning from one-way teacher monologues to student participation.
  • Award-winning software for easy, collaborative and creative lesson planning.

Public & Private Education Markets

As recipients of State Contracts ITC43, ITC54 and OFF30A awarded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts– and being MHEC approved, Ockers is your qualified source for Promethean Interactive Whiteboards and other technology-based educational products.

Whether in public or private educational settings (K-12, to Higher Ed), we offer a variety of classroom whiteboard system solutions and interactive tools from which to create your new learning environment.

K-12 Solutions

Engaging students in the classroom is more challenging than ever given their preoccupation with social media, texting and other distractions. In response, teachers competing for student attention seek the instructional dynamics and learning opportunities interactive communications can contribute to the education process. Whether aiding in the development of better methods to reach disadvantaged students or assisting school systems achieve higher graduation rates, Promethean Interactive Whiteboards help lead the way to academic success.

Higher Education Solutions

Campuses across America are utilizing cutting-edge technology to not only expand the higher learning experience, but also reduce operating costs due to declining budgets. Promethean Interactive Whiteboards provide professors and students with collaborative educational advantages well-beyond the scope of classrooms. Video lectures from off campus experts and virtual field trips are examples of technology-based education at its best. Let Ockers’ education specialists help transform your classrooms into the age of interactive visual learning.

Professional Development Teacher Credit Training

To maximize the effective use of whiteboards and other advanced AV solutions, Ockers provides training opportunities which facilitate your technology integration process. We offer Promethean, Crestron and other teacher credit qualified training programs and workshops specifically designed for educators at every grade level.

Corporate & SMB Markets

As the adage states, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That could not be more emphasized than in the conference rooms and training facilities within various-sized companies. Whether pitching a potential customer or educating new staff members, visual presentation is everything!

Ockers helps you create a lasting impression with an amazing array of audio visual products which provide cutting-edge communication capabilities such as video conferencing while reducing the need for costly business travel. Promethean Interactive Whiteboards, coupled with the operating conveniences of a Crestron Control System, provide endless presentation and training possibilities.

Government Market

In addition to education and business-oriented solutions, Ockers provides comprehensive audio visual design, installation and support services to governmental customers at the federal, state, county and local municipal levels. Applications include interactive staff training, multi-location video conferencing and secure inter/intra agency communications.