Cloud Computing (Private & Public)

Beyond the benefits of infrastructure virtualization, Cloud Computing represents the next transitional step for delivering applications, stored data and server resources in a more operationally agile, flexible and less-costly way. Cloud computing attains such advantages through an automated, leveraged and service consumption approach for the efficient sharing of on-demand and virtual infrastructure resources.

Main Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Greater security as a result of multiple layers of data storage protection
  • Increased business agility through rapid self-service of on-demand resources
  • Lower IT costs from efficient resource delivery and infrastructure consolidation
  • Automation features that improve access, speed and efficiency of IT applications
  • Seamless integration of private and public clouds creating a unified service platform
  • Allows IT managers to shift their efforts from maintenance to innovation development

Ockers Cloud Services

As a value-added IT solutions service provider, Ockers is excited about its architectural role in helping our customers evolve and migrate into private cloud computing. We offer more choices in the development and setup of your cloud by providing greater management control over infrastructure resources, data protection and empowering end-users.

Since one cloud solution doesn’t fit all IT situations, Ockers takes a systematic approach for determining which cloud products and features best complement your firm’s individual needs. Whether utilizing the superior cloud computing advantages of VMware vCloud for businesses or Stoneware software products in educational environments, Ockers has the best data protection solutions and cloud service package options for advancing your IT operations to the next level. Along with our ecosystem partners, we’ll build a private cloud that transitions your organization from infrastructure optimization to service optimization while protecting existing resources.

Private Cloud Storage
For enterprises wanting to maintain complete internal control of their storage, Ockers can develop a cloud backup server solution where data is locally stored and sent site-to-site to other company locations via a private cloud. Storage efficiencies generated from cloud architecture reduce capacity requirements thus lowering costs by 50% or more.

Hosted Cloud Storage

For IT administrators looking for the ultimate in data storage safety, Ockers offers a multilayer deployment approach with its offsite cloud hosting services. You not only retain onsite data restoration flexibility, but should a disaster strike, are assured of full and rapid data recovery through our offsite replication service.

Additional Cloud Services
Ockers also provides hosted application; peripheral equipment and software service options on a monthly fee outsource basis for integration with cloud computing.

  • Hosted Application Exchange
  • Hardware as a Service (SaaS)
  • Software as a Service (HaaS)
  • Data Recovery as a Service
  • Desktop as a Service
  • Storage as a Service
  • Backup as a Service